Build your gun

Arms manufacturers since 1957

R.F.M. Armi has been making hunting and shooting shotguns for over 65 years. All our guns are customized and built on the needs of hunters and shooters, who have always followed us and rely on the experience of our craftsmen. We build your shotgun together.

Our hunting shotguns

We produce a wide range of hunting models for valley, sedentary, small migratory and ungulates, which we customize according to the hunter's needs. Discover the shotguns in the R.F.M. Armi hunting catalogue.

Custom Service

We take care of all shotguns and every single component. We create custom stocks and carry out a vast range of processes, both for shotguns produced internally in our laboratory and for those of other brands. The mastery of our stock makers and gunsmiths represents a real strength for our company, we make all their experience and expertise available to all our customers.

Our shooting shotguns

R.F.M. Armi builds your fully customized shooting shotgun with you. Based on the technique, measurements and posture, our gunsmiths are able to create a unique weapon tailored to your needs. Discover the models in the shooting shotguns catalogue.